The easiest way to play Tu Lo Kho for new members

Tu Lo Kho has always been one of the most popular, interesting and easy-to-play forms of Western card playing, currently attracting many participants. However, the origin is the same How to play Tu Lo Kho at 789bet The most basic is still something many players do not know, but it will all be shared in detail in today’s article.

Learn: What is Tu Lo Kho?

Before learning about How to play Tu Lo Kho, we invite you to take a look at the most interesting and basic information about this extremely interesting form of card playing.

Concept of the game Tu Lo Kho

Tu Lo Kho is one of the forms of card playing that uses a deck of cards. Each card in the card game Tu Lo Kho will be associated with a value convention and played according to a specific rule. 

In Vietnam, Tu Lo Kho is called by many different names depending on the region and players will have their own way of calling it. If in the South, the card game Tu Lo Kho will often be called Lo Kho or Tu Lo Kho. In the North, this game will be simply called with the rather rustic name “kho” but the most widely used name is: Tien Len.

What is the origin of Tu Cau Kho?

There are many theories about the origin of Tu Lo Kho as well as the Western deck of cards, but up to now there have been no official books or documents that clearly confirm the origin of the Western playing card deck. But many studies have shown that two major hypotheses are: it was the Chinese who first played Western cards and another theory is that it was the Persians who invented Tu Lo Kho. 

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In 1127, the Chinese used wooden playing cards and they were dyed in many colors and with simple drawings to symbolize different values. Initially, Western cards had 8 or 10 moves but were not as diverse as we are playing now.

After a long period of formation and popularity in society, less than 100 years later in Paris, the card manufacturing industry appeared. The reason came from the four hobbies of playing cards of French King Charles VI (1368-1422), so the card game Tu Lo Kho became popular not only in society but also penetrated and flooded the ruling class at that time.

Up to now, the form of playing Tu Lo Kho has become popular throughout society and even the original Western card deck has been created into many variations with countless other interesting ways of playing such as Phom, Lieng,…

Detailed instructions on how to play Tu Lo Kho help even beginners become experts 

How to play Tu Lo Kho It’s not difficult, but there are quite a few terms, regulations and rules that require players to understand before playing to win the most.

Specify the value of cards when playing Tu Lo Kho

The deck of cards used to play Tu Lo Kho is a 52-card deck, in which the card with the most power and value is the 2 (some localities in the South call it Heo) and the heart and vice versa. The smallest card is 3 of spades.
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The Western deck of cards has 9 card numbers and the remaining 4 values ​​are specified in letters, specifically A, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K. In playing Tu Lo card is difficult, each card will have a different value, no card has the same power as any other card.

So to rank cards with the same number, people will divide them into 4 suits of Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, and Spades with the order Spades < Clubs < Diamonds < Hearts. 

General principles of Tu Lo Kho game rules 

There are at least 2 players and a maximum of 4 players. First, each player will be dealt 13 cards and the task is to find a way to run out of cards first according to the rules of the game. The first person to run out of cards will win and so on downgrade to second, third and last (last) with the remaining players.

Instructions on the terminology for different types of cards in playing Tu Lo Kho

In addition to calling the cards by number and suit, it is clear How to play Tu Lo Kho, players need to understand the rules for naming card types as follows:

– Garbage (odd): Clear How to play Tu Lo Kho, Junk is a way to refer to odd cards that the player owns cannot arrange them with other cards to form pairs, sets, straights (lines).

– Pair: Inner pair How to play Tu Lo Kho is a word used to refer to pairs of cards that are similar and have the same value. Particularly for How to play Tu Lo Kho According to Northern law, these two cards must not only have the same value but also need to be of the same suit.

– Gray (triple): A way to call a set of 3 cards of the same value.

– Four of a kind: A way to call a set of 4 of the same value, which can be used to catch two or three pairs of pines (depending on the area, whether you allow them to be crushed or not).

– Straight: Is a term that refers to cards with consecutive values ​​and they must be of the same suit, at least 3 cards (Gray). 

Card playing rules in playing Tu Lo Kho

These are specific rules for playing Tu Lo Kho that each player needs to clearly understand and apply flexibly to win.

How are the rules for blocking cards in playing Tú Loho?

In How to play Tu Lo Kho, the player who is dealt the first card will be the one to play any card first such as an odd card, double or triple, etc. For the next players, if they want to have a turn, they must block the previous player’s card with a larger card. 

If no one can block your card, you have the right to take the next turn with any card. To block your opponent’s cards, your cards must have the same number of cards, the same suit, the same suit, and have a greater value than the previous card.

The rules of playing tu lo kho

In How to play Tu Lo Kho There are regulations on compensation rules and players need to clearly understand the rules to avoid being unfairly compensated as follows: If you are the last player to return, you will be considered a loser and if you still have pieces in your hand such as: two, four quarters, you will be penalized.

Some notes on how to play Tu Lo Kho

– You need to learn carefully about the rules and how to play before starting the game so you can win or if you lose there will be no penalty. Especially when you play in different localities, there will be different regulations, so be consistent How to play Tu Lo Kho before start.

– Because card 2 is the card with the highest power in the card How to play Tu Lo Kho So use it wisely to block your opponent’s cards at the right time and avoid being cut by your opponent.

– Don’t forget to use four of a kind to catch the biggest two that can help you get the most points.

– With How to play Tu Lo Kho The most basic thing that the North is playing, you cannot leave a 2 at the end of the hand because you will be considered a “rotten 2” and will be penalized.


Hopefully the sharing in the article will help you update more interesting information about How to play Tu Lo Kho as well as how to play correctly to easily win and get yourself the most points.

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