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How much is a skewer of 3? This is a common question of many people learning about arithmetic for the first time. 3-way parlay is a form in which the player receives inversely proportional to the chance of winning. To help you have complete information about this question, let’s read his article New88 Please.

The most accurate answer to the question: How much does a skewer of 3 cost?

To learn knowledge about How much does 3 skewers eat?, you need to have accurate information with the basic data and calculation method below. 

Brief concept of 3-way lottery for newbies

This is the way to select the 3 numbers used in the last 2 positions of our country’s lottery prizes. To win, you must appear all 3 at the same time compared to the announced results.

In general, winning bonuses with this form is relatively difficult. Because there are usually 27 prizes for participants to choose from, the rate you receive now according to statistics experts is about 0.04%. In general, this is a very low rate, but the prizes achieved are always high, causing many people to try to see if they are lucky. 

Details on how to calculate how much a skewer of 3 costs

For those who want the most accurate answer about how much 3-skewers eat, don’t miss the detailed calculation below. The amount of money you spend for one point usually ranges from 40k to 43k. Therefore, participants will receive many times higher bonuses.

In the Northern version, 1 point is 40k, the player earns about 4 million to 5.9 million VND. As for the New88 bookmaker, you will receive about 7.9 million VND. 

For the Central and Southern stations, the prize structure applied is 40 confirmed cases of 3.5 million VND when winning. With reputable bookmaker New88, you will have the opportunity to receive up to nearly 5 million VND. 

Effective forms of playing 3-way lottery at New88

Once you have all the information about how much 3 skewers cost, you are now definitely attracted to this form of entertainment. This is what drives rapid positivity to find effective experiences.

Divide your capital into small pieces and balance your cash flow

Accordingly, members will have to determine that the prediction process is not easy and the chance of winning is low. So don’t forget to divide your cash flow into parts to lock in different numbers and then feed the frame for 3 to 5 days.

In general, the chance of winning is not high, so spreading capital will help players limit the risks of losing money. In return, the always high payout ratio is also an opportunity to help you quickly remove bets.
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Bet with comfort and alertness 

Not only do they care about how much a 3-way bet pays, but players also need to memorize the knowledge when betting. Many members lost their composure and found it difficult to control their emotions during the long closing period. This makes them always in a state of confusion and not proactive when choosing numbers. 

In fact, this is a form of entertainment, so players must accept winning and losing. A good psychology helps you come up with reasonable strategies to increase your chances of winning big. 

Search for good numbers about the shore

Many players always want to get hints about numbers with high frequency. These are sets of numbers that often explode together to help players get the most accurate information:

  • 20 – 47 – 90
  • 12 – 49 – 78
  • 03 – 74 – 88
  • 23 – 55 – 87
  • 29 – 53 – 76

Don’t ignore how to double play 

An equally important piece of information as the answer to how much is a 3-way bet is to apply the trick of double betting. This is a highly effective way to play, helping members quickly and easily remove their capital. However, you must ensure that you always have a stable source of income.

In general, for those who are participating in lottery for the first time, they should only consult without placing money with this method. Because this is really a form suitable for players with many years of experience.


New88’s article has explained the question of how much a skewer of 3 costs in the most detailed way. Hopefully you will apply effective knowledge to bring high bonuses. Don’t forget to come to the house today for exciting entertainment and maximum benefits. 

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