Blackjack card game Jun88 how to play?

Playing cards in a casino is a place full of all the most popular card games in the world. Blackjack card game jun88 is one of the most popular games. If you do not understand the most basic things in this game, this article will help everyone know the most basic things.

Introduction to Blackjack card game Jun88

Blackjack card game Jun88 is a form of card playing originating from a deck of 52 cards. From this deck, people create their own way of playing. Overall, the Blackjack card game is not much different from other types of cards such as baccarat, poker, Tien Len,…

If the global name is Blackjack, then in our country or some Asian countries it is called Blackjack. Speaking of this, perhaps it is no longer strange to everyone. Currently, instead of playing cards in separate casinos, Jun88’s bookmaker system has brought this game to play online.

From here, players of this card game can be more comfortable and proactive in many aspects to pursue the appeal of this card game. So next below you will know the rules of playing cards Blackjack card game Jun88 is like.

How to play Blackjack card game Jun88

Before playing this game, you cannot help but read the rules and side information, its scoring method is also very noteworthy.

Rules of playing Blackjack Jun88

Regardless of the type of bet, the player will first have to bet a certain amount of money. It is specified what the maximum and minimum limits are. Then the players on the table will be given exactly 2 cards by the Jun88 Dealer. The winner will be determined immediately when the total of 2 cards with the highest score is 21 points.

The winner will be the person with the highest total score of the cards but must be lower than or equal to 21. Besides, there are also some cases where people play the Blackjack card game Jun88 have the right to draw 1 more card to determine your final score.

Therefore, you must learn how to calculate points when playing this card at Jun88.

How to calculate points in Blackjack

The winner will only be determined by a maximum of 2 cards. It is quite similar to the normal scoring method, but the fairies will be scored differently, specifically as follows.

Card A will be counted as 1 point if the total score of the 2 cards is greater than 11 points. Otherwise, it will count as 11 points if the total score is less than 11 points. So you need to distinguish the case and how to calculate when there is an A in your card at Jun88.

In addition, fairies such as J, Q and K will be counted as 10 points, cards with numbers from 2 to 10 will be counted according to their respective value without having to count in the fields. any other case.

How to deal cards at Jun88

Blackjack card game Jun88 The way to deal cards is also quite simple. Each player will be dealt a minimum of 2 cards and if the total score is not greater than 16 points, you are required to deal another card as long as the total score is greater than 16. Each game can only be played by one person. Only 5 cards are dealt.
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The dealer is required to have 16 points or more and will have to draw additional cards and some privileges that they can force the player to do. In general, almost all the rules of this game on Jun88 will be almost exactly the same as how to play Blackjack, also known as Poker.

How to play Blackjack card game Jun88 effective

Knowing the rules of the game and how to play is just the most basic requirements. Playing cards with a high chance of winning will depend on each person’s ability and below are some tips for players when playing Blackjack at game Jun88.

  • Choosing the right bookmaker is the first factor in betting, playing in reputable places will ensure that the experience learned will be applied in the right place, avoiding fraud.
  • Use the right to double in the most reasonable way: In addition to normal betting, the player may have the right to bet one more card. This fighting style requires experience and good judgment to have a higher chance of winning.
  • Stop the Blackjack card game Jun88 At the right time, when betting, you should also know when to bet and when to withdraw. Paying too much attention to winning and losing here is something that a smart bettor should not do.
  • Use the right to split your hand properly, there are some cards you have high scores and are quite good. You can even win both hands if you want to risk defeating both bets with the house. This method also requires a lot of experience. If not careful, the player can even lose both hands.


Play card games in general and Blackjack card games Jun88 In particular, everyone needs to learn more techniques to play. Especially playing online at Jun88 has its own differences, so it is not possible to use the traditional way of playing to apply it to betting at bookies.

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