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Baccarat Insurance updated at Hi88 This is a very attractive promotions section for bettors. Everyone who uses the game service here knows about this program but doesn’t know the details. So the content below will thoroughly provide important knowledge for players to follow.
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Introducing the Baccarat insurance program

Baccarat is considered a game that has great appeal to many bettors. Games always bring great experiences that are not possible anywhere. That’s why the number of players experiencing it is increasing significantly.

This is also the reason Hi88 system provides Baccarat insurance program to members. In essence, this is the activity of returning the bet points if you have a hand of 8 and lose 9. That means you bet on the house or the house but when you open the card you will see that you have 8 points and the other side is 9. point.

Thus, the system will support 20% points refund for players and you can use them immediately. Members should note that this bonus point is only for Baccarat players and there are specific regulations. Not only that, the minimum bet amount you need to deposit is 50+ and the maximum reward point is 1,888 points.

Some advantages of the Baccarat insurance program

Experiencing game services but also receiving incentives is what many bettors want. Moreover, when you lose the game but you still receive refund insurance, it is definitely a super bargain campaign. According to reviews from professional players, this activity has many outstanding advantages such as:

Suitable for all subjects

Bettors only need to have an account and play the game to receive incentives from the betting site. You can register to receive rewards from the official homepage to receive incentives quickly. At the same time, you should play the Baccarat game during the day to have the opportunity to receive this special offer to use.

The admission rules are not too difficult

Baccarat insurance is no longer a new offer, so most long-time members know the rules well. When you experience the game, you will have to meet the conditions provided by the system to be entitled to receive rewards. However, these rules are not very complicated and do not even cause much difficulty for new bettors.

Players just need to participate in playing Baccarat at the game portal and will immediately receive this super attractive offer. Baccarat insurance is continuously updated and detailed information is also provided on the homepage so it will be much easier for you to follow.

Time to receive incentives is long

This Baccarat insurance promotion activity still does not have specific information about the reward time. So if you are interested, please quickly register to receive it immediately. This activity still takes place regularly and many bettors have successfully received bonus points when accessing.

Conditions for receiving Baccarat insurance incentives

When playing games at the Hi88 homepage, everyone sees that the system operates very professionally. At the same time, the brand always promotes safety, so when receiving incentives, you must also meet the following regulations:
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  • This bonus point is only for Baccarat players but excludes EVO, AB, AG game halls.
  • The bonus points you receive are 20% regardless of whether your deposit into the game is high or low and you need to have 1 valid betting round.
  • You are only entitled to register for Baccarat insurance once a day and does not apply to games with a third card drawn.
  • Once you receive your rewards, use them immediately because they are only valid for 1 day.
  • If you violate the rules, receiving Baccarat insurance benefits will not be used and will stop operating immediately.
  • Players need to strictly comply with the regulations when receiving rewards when experiencing game services.

Steps to receive Baccarat insurance promotion

Bettors participating in the game service experience on the home page will be provided with information about this offer. And to be able to receive the reward successfully, please follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Register a game experience account if you are not a Hi88 member or log in.
  • Step 2: Complete the profile provided and go to the homepage to use the Baccarat game service right away.
  • Step 3: Deposit money to experience the game and note that if there is an 8-point loss of 9, register to receive the Baccarat insurance offer. You just need to go to the promotions section and you will see a specific registration box that you just need to complete.
  • Step 4: Use the bonus points you receive in the game or you can withdraw them if you meet the conditions.

Baccarat Insurance is always a promotion program that has great appeal to bettors. Therefore, brothers when playing games baccarat You cannot miss this special program, please visit the official homepage to follow daily information right away.

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